Sunday, 20 June 2010


Following the euphoria of iPad heaven and the move over to Wordpress, I failed to mention that my blog(s) had also reached a milestone – 60,000+ hits or visits or people who had searched for something completely different and had Google mistakenly divert them to my ramblings.

I started the blog on the 2nd April 2007 with an account of my move from Nanjing HQ to the new MG Production facility in Pukou. (First Day in the New Factory).

I felt that this episode in MG’s long history should not have been missed and even if it was down to someone who had only ever written cheques before, the next chapter in this famous British brand needed capturing.

Since I started blogging it has been enjoyable, sometimes painful, but has almost always been done with a sense of release. However for every blog published there are another 10 sitting on my hard drive. These are the blogs about what I really think of the Pheonix Four (Five), the car with Zero ENCAP rating, my explanation for the demise of Longbridge and MG-R, the time I met the people investigating the ‘missing millions’, exploding Taxi’s, the real reason why Chinese Senior Managers have male PA’s, journalist tantrums, sharing showers with 10 other men and all about Li ShuFu, the man, the entrepreneur, the lunatic, to name but a few. The blogs will have to wait until I am either financially secure or have been entered into a witness protection program, for now they sit guarded on my hard drive waiting for me to grow a new set of balls.

One of the fascinating things about my blogs, is that I haven’t got a clue who reads them, my wife confesses to have never found them interesting – which is amazing since she has made this assessment without ever actually reading them, there isn’t enough death, blood and guts in them for my Xbox crazed son to bother with, and the rest of my extended family cant understand how to change the web page from facebook. I don’t have what you could traditionally call ‘friends’ as I have always been such a miserable bastard. So I guess it could be past work colleagues, as I have had enough of those to form an army equal in size only to Kim Jong II’s. Who reads my blog has always been a mystery to me, so I employed the help of IP technology! A little piece of software that sits on your web site and records everything about who, when, where, what and how.

The application I have been using is called ‘sitemeter’, and scarily it can hunt down whoever visits your website. I only take the free offering which only identifies new IP addresses (for those who are not network literate – this is the individual address assigned to a computer on a network) and how many times they visit, stay online etc. whilst I only see the city, state and country of my visitors – I only subscribe to the free service, god knows what you can find out is you actually pay for the search?

So now I know that people in:

Allamuchy, New Jersey and Laurence, Massachusetts

Caboolture, Queensland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Ashfield NSW

Picton and Belleville, Ontario

Auckland, New Zealand

Limoux, Languedoc-Roussillon

And, all over the UK people have at least mistakenly ventured onto these pages, and a whole host of "location unknown" which I presume are from behind the great fire wall of China? The fact that at least someone out there reads this, makes me continue to spend the odd couple of hours putting finger to keyboard, but before I get carried away with the popularity i did some simple maths;

60,000 hits in 38 months or
1578 per month or
394 per week or
52.6 per day
2.3 per hour or
0.04 per minute

If I take away down time, the hours people sleep, all of the times I have posted, edited, looked at and read my own blog then i come up with a figure closer to 1 hit every every week - so I was right, nobody does read it!

(Just in-case anyone does - drop me a note, and cheer me up, after all it is fathers day!)


  1. Congratulations on your 60k visit to your site. Keep up the good writing.


  2. Hi Paul, love your blogs, followed them since the MG re-birth in China.
    Wilco, Ex-Pat Brit, living in Brisbane.

  3. Its the great blogging dilemma - but thanks to the new technology you've discovered we can at last see if our words of wisdom have been read or ignored. When I was a journalist it was one of the most difficult things at the end of each week or month of labour - does anyone out there care? In a way, the letters of complaint (now delivered in the form of irate blog comments) were better than silence. At least someone had read it. Keep up the good work - and your 100,000 cannot be far off.

  4. Caught in Aucklnad

  5. Oh No, you have caught the NZ veiwer

  6. I sometimes have difficulty commenting on your blog (especillay when using my laptop that runs Vista): The blog goes into this out of control rampage of reopening itself in endless new windows. This forces me to start hitting the close window red button at a speed that I garnered from playing Atari 100m olympics computer games. If I'm fast enough, I can kill the process before the blog kills my computer.

  7. Caught in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Greetings and I really hope to read once all your 'secret' blogs, you can imagine that! Erik.